Virtual Classroom or on-site teaching ?

A one-on-one or one-to-many virtual class conducted by an expert trainer through live video-training, or a standard face-to-face class with this expert, or a mixture of both to respond to your need for, a personalized and individualized teaching approach ?


From skills improvement to knowledge certification , our experts in management, languages , Microsoft Office training, ensure, an, effective transfer of knowledge and skills acquisition for your company's employees and collaborators in 2018.

Our training partners

Our core , training (programs, have, expanded, Chinese, Russian…), our core training programs have expanded. Thus, now in 2016, our live video training services include regulatory training certifications, in partnership with Bureau Veritas and Halifax Consulting, TOEIC, TOSA and Projet Voltaire.

229 000 hours of training produced in Visiotraining 2019 with our 750 clients

virtual classroom, to-face and multimodality

The synchronized multi-modal methodology , with synergy between, virtual classroom and e-tutoring is the heart of our training solutions.

The virtual classes through live video training, in particular,, are the suitable means that better satisfy the demands for sustained performance, thereby meeting the requirements for certification or skills improvement in an environment where employees are increasingly using “cellphones ” and have irregular schedules.