• Personalised Remote Training

    Since 1986, we have been offering training courses for progressing professionally and personally, with dedicated trainers experienced in conducting one-on-one lessons.

    With more than 200,000 hours of remote face-to-face training sessions conducted for individual clients in 2021, we are the leaders in remote training in the fields of languages and office automation.

    Whether you would like to change jobs, evolve your skills, or learn for fun, Proformation offers you the best teaching method to succeed.

    • 100% Human Connection

    • 100% remote

    • 100% custom-designed


    Training with 100% human connection

    Founded in 1986, our longevity is based on our unique training method which allows you to reach your learning objectives: 100% human connection.

    Our 320 full-time trainers who are native speakers, experts in office automation or the web, are all experts in remote training. They adapt to your pace to guarantee your progress. Each session is conducted in private lessons so you can learn with confidence.

    A trainer is assigned to you, and our teaching, scheduling and customer service teams are also there to support you during your training.


    Our training courses

    From skills development to knowledge certification, our expert consultants in languages, office automation, web & digital and professional efficiency, guarantee the transfer of expertise and validation of the skills of the key players of 2022 and the future world.


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    How does remote learning work?

    Face-to-face using a webcam, our Live Video Training classes are 100% interactive with 1- or 2-hour one-on-one classes with your dedicated trainer.

    The first session is dedicated to completing a level assessment and defining your objectives in order to create a personalized training program.

    Your sessions are available every day (from Monday to Sunday) between 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. Plan them with the shared schedule of your trainer, or by telephone with the scheduling department. Cancel for free 24 hours in advance.

    Make the most of the e-learning platform for unlimited practice between your training sessions, when you want and where you want.

    At the end of your course, you pass an official certification which objectively and officially attests to your acquired level, allowing you to enhance your CV and stand out to employers.




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    Formation en langue et bureautique

    Our Quality Certifications and Labels

    The QUALIOPI certification was issued to Proformation under the “Training Actions” category. Qualiopi attests to the quality of the process implemented by the providers of training actions contributing to the development of skills.

    The OPQF qualification has been accredited by COFRAC since 2010 under no. 4-0528 rev.6. This qualification recognizes the competence and professionalism of Proformation.

    Proformation has been training employees since 1986 and is a signatory to the training ethics charter.


    100% human trainers

    Our trainers work full-time for Proformation and are recruited for their expertise and their experience of a minimum of 3 years to guaranty the best training experience.

    You are going to love learning with us.

    Proformation is the leader in remote training in Languages and Office Automation

    Since 2001, Proformation has been the key player in Live Video training (remote training via videoconferencing) in the fields of foreign languages and office automation.

    We are also involved in web & digital training, management, professional regulatory standards and outsourced educational services.

    180 full-time trainers

    With your Quality-certified (OPQF) Proformation trainer and a team of 180 trainers at your disposal.

    Who adapt to your specific needs

    Via videoconferencing from your home or elsewhere, at your own pace and according to your availability, every day between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.

    Completely personalized modules

    Your trainer personalizes and conducts the training according to your level and your pace.

    CPF-funded Training

    Thanks to your CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation), your training is taken care of.

    Training Courses for Companies

    Develop your employees’ skills

    Give your team the knowledge, experience and confidence they need to tackle any situation.


    Our training courses benefit all professional sectors.

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