• Expert trainers in Live Video Training

    Our Expert Trainers

    Our full-time trainers are selected on 5 fundamental criteria, then specifically trained in our remote teaching method and our back-office support tools.

    The 5 skills guaranteeing the quality of our services are:

    1. Teaching skills,
    2. Knowledge of the field taught,
    3. The desire for teamwork,
    4. Openness to innovation,
    5. Organizational precision.

    Our Live Video Training courses: how do they work?

    All our courses, whatever the field, are organized in three phases:

    1. A level test and identification of needs carried out by one of our trainers who are specialists in the subject concerned.

    2. A sequenced training course (1 to 2 hours per session) led by our expert trainers.

    3. An established evaluation, through one of the certifications recognized within the framework of the CPF.

    Native language trainers

    For the “Language” training courses, our trainers are mostly native speakers of the language taught. For “beginner” levels, our auditors prefer bilingual trainers. Our “English Language” trainers are on permanent contracts at Proformation.

    formateur Portugais niveau débutant

    Live Video Trainers

    Our “Live Video Trainers” have at least 3 years of “face to face” teaching in a professional context. Our trainers are attached to specific working groups for each of our clients. Exchange and feedback meetings led by our site directors make it possible to adjust and propose teaching developments and innovations to our customers. Due to the specificities of our multimodal offer, we attach great importance to monitoring actions in our “back office” and to the management of the educational resources used.

    For “Office Automation and IT” training, we recruit experienced teachers approved or certified by software publishers.

    For “Management” training, our expert consultants act as business consultants. We train them in our teaching method specific to the remote learning set-up.



    Discover the teaching approach of our trainers

    What I find really great with remote learning is the moment when you feel that the trainee is at 200%.


    All the people who train with us like the fact that they have one dedicated trainer, that we are flexible.


    It is an exchange that takes place in conviviality, it is together that we create the atmosphere of the session. And that’s why it’s 100% human.


    I have learners who want to learn English so they can watch movies and series on Netflix without subtitles.


    I love this job because we meet incredible people. When you train with any type of personality profile, you end up creating links, affinities at the end, and this work is super interesting and that’s why I love it.


    This is the advantage of having personalized training, we as trainers can take into account what each individual needs.


    I prepare a training course that adapts to the needs of each one. There is the meeting between the learner and the trainer, we weave links through the training.


    The training is really a one-on-one situation, it’s really a discussion between one person and another person.


    Apply for a trainer position at Proformation

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