Virtual management class

Management of applied tools

Tailored to the needs of employees regardless of their skills or positions in the organization.

Proformation was the first training company in France to offer training programs in management, customer relations and professional competence through the virtual classroom. These "tool-based" formats are perfectly suited to the needs of employees regardless of their skills or positions in the organization.

From note-taking during meetings to distance team management including time management or tutor training, Proformation addresses the managerial challenges of each company, whether public or private.

Post face-to-face distance coaching

A very effective method to boost previously-acquired knowledge

All management programs that are available face-to-face have been developed to propose after the training, progressively-sequenced remote coaching sessions . A very effective way to reinforce acquired knowledge and coach the participants about their own position in the company.

Our Management trainers are experts in their fields

You are assured of an unparalleled quality instruction whatever the method may be.

Our trainers are selected by our education department, certified by our Universities and trained in distance education on all platforms in the market (Webex, Connect, Sametime… )

Graduates from leading business schools, and seasoned trainers in the largest specialized training organizations, you benefit from an equalled quality instruction either face-to-face or in virtual classroom.

An original support concept

Proformation offers an original support concept to better consolidate practices as "good practices".

On major topics such as "Messaging / time management", "Software Migration" , "Social networking company" , Proformation offers packages such as a lecture hall, skits by professional actors, video and web support, triptychs and leaflets