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-Face-to-face and virtual classrooms


2:00 virtual classroom modules | face-to-face : 1 to 3 days

Training objective calculation functions in Microsoft Excel

  • Use built-in functions other than the standard functions
    (de date, d’information, Research, logic and finances).

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formation mircrosoft Excel 2013

Multimodal Synchronous

> The face-to computing functions in Microsoft Excel for the richness of exchanges and the necessary perspective to the discovery and mastery of all potential software, training focused on efficiency.

> Virtual Classroom for fast growing competence around its own business issues, training focused on efficiency.

> ShareHelpActiv'Tutoring ™ and ™ for synchronous teaching support demand and support.

Prerequisite :

Knowing the Excel environment

Training Face The calculation functions in Microsoft Excel

Reminder about the features (Syntax, types d’arguments)

Use of names

  • Create , remove, change names
  • Use names in formulas

The statistics functions

  • Function (AND) and (AND) Nested
  • functions (SOMME.SI) ) and (NB.SI)
  • functions (SOMME.SI.ENS) ) and (NB.SI.ENS)
  • The function IFERROR() (from 2007)
  • Conditional formatting

The logic functions

  • Features (AND) and (AND) Nested
  • Features (AND) and (Or)
  • IFERROR Function() (from 2007)
  • REAL functions() and FALSE()

Special Functions

  • Functions dates : YEAR(), MONTH(),WEEKDAY(), DATEDIF()
  • Text Functions : TEXT(), LEFT(),RIGHT(),STXT()

Search functions

  • INDEX( ), EQUIV( )
Classe virtuelle individuelle
Classe Virtuelle groupe

Virtual Classroom The calculation functions in Microsoft Excel into independent modules 2:00

Excel's calculation functions (2h00)

  • The Sum function
  • Absolute and relative references (freeze / appoint a cell)
  • Calculations %
  • The wizard function
  • The AutoComplete function
  • AVERAGE selection functions(), MAX() and MIN(),NB(), NBVAL(), COUNTBLANK()
  • Introduction to functions with several arguments VPM() ,NB.SI()

Search functions (2h00)

  • Reference Types (Reminder about Absolute Ref & Ref Mixed)
  • Recall on the names
  • VLOOKUP HLOOKUP Function()
  • IFERROR Function()
  • INDEX Function()
  • Fonction EQUIV()
  • HYPERLINK function
  • IFERROR function()
  • Target value
  • Scenario manager
  • OFFSET function() by level or time

Special tools and special functions (2h00)

  • Search For / Replace
  • The wizard and forums
  • Text functions : LEFT() RIGHT()STXT()-TEXT()-CONCATENER- CNUM() ..
  • Date Functions : DATEDIF()- SERIE.JOURS.OUVRES(), END;MONTH(), YEAR(),
  • Functions Number : ROUND()–ENT()....
  • Financial Function : VPM(), VA(), RATE(), NPM()
  • The tool CONVERT

Conditional functions (2h00)

  • Conditional Formatting
  • Reference Types (Reminder about Absolute Ref & Ref Mixed)
  • IF function, If nested ; If the functions ET() OR()
  • NB.SI functions() and SOMME.SI()
  • COUNTIFS functions , SOMME.SI.ENS()(office 2010)
  • IFERROR Function()