Visiotraining foreign languages ​​in a virtual classroom

Forerunner of synchronized distance training in foreign languages for 15 years !

Proformation offers to 750 clients a virtual classroom (with one-on-one or one-to-many live video training) to teach languages. Our language department produces more than 100 000 hours of live video-training in languages each year, making us the leader in virtual class training in France not only in English but also in Spanish, , Russian and Chinese…!. We only use proven and tested live video-training platforms such as Cisco Webex.

professor Proformation

Specific and personalized training

Instructional support for all needs in foreign languages ​
  • Information Technology
  • Import /Export
  • Logistics
  • Insurance
  • Effective Communication in foreign languages
  • Coaching and Certifications in English
  • Reception and Assistance
  • Banking and Finance
  • Sales
  • Insurance
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Telecommunications


One of Proformation's notable training programs for almost 20 years .
  • Language learning in a Virtual Classroom is a Proformation expertise recognized by major French client companies.
  • Our programs are flexible, efficient and oriented towards business skills promoting language learning for a given professional context
  • Following an initial audit, Proformation assigns each learner or group of learners the trainer that best meets their needs, level and field.


Your language learning platform tutorial maximizes your commitment
  • Self study often results to a lack of individual commitment. Self-tutorial makes sense when a "guardian – trainer " stimulates the moral commitment of the participant monitoring progress over time.
  • Great results are achieved when the tutor becomes the appointed trainer of the participant throughout his multi-modal training course.
  • With Activ'Tutoring, you accomplish the purpose of your investment in self-study projects whether it's in languages, Microsft Office or migration.

Our trainers

are all tenured employees of Proformation !

Proformation trainers are all tenured employees, graduates with at least 3 years of actual teaching experience, and duly certified locally and abroad..

Our 180 TRAINERS instruct learners through live videotraining from one of our three training platforms. Our virtual language classes are individualized and correspond to the trainee's level and specific needs (meetings, business presentation , etc.).

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