• Proformation is the expert in online and Live Video Training

    Our training courses are eligible for the CPF

    The Expert in Live Video Training

    The dynamic of Proformation addresses the current challenges of training: accessibility, availability and teaching innovation. Indeed, live video training has become the essential response to operational objectives both within the framework of the company and within the framework of the CPF (formerly DIF). The success of our training is based above all on the quality of our trainers, real coaches, and also on the flexibility of our organization thanks to our specifically developed management and appointment scheduling tools.

    Our training courses in Languages, Office Automation, and Web&Digital

    Our Live Video Training courses: How does it work?

    All our courses, whatever the field, are organized into three phases:

    1. A level evaluation as well as identification of needs which is carried out by one of our trainers who are specialists in the subject concerned.
    2. A sequenced training course (1 to 2 hours per sequence) led by our expert trainers.
    3. An evaluation materialized by one of the certifications recognized within the framework of the CPF.

    To take your training classes, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. In addition, technical assistance in the event of a connection problem as well as an on-demand scheduling service remain accessible.


    Discover learning with Live Video Training sessions

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